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About us

About us

If you are in search of a reliable, credible, and lucrative investment opportunity with friendly, honest and well informed trading partners, then you’re definitely in the right place. Our Company, Duxa Capital Ltd., offers multiple investment plans with enough flexibility to accommodate every investor’s personal needs.We have a high respect for our clients, and thus, provide them with the best customer support, the highest security, and other added features (such as live statistics) that can be accessed by our clients at any time.

Our investment portfolios are managed by financial experts with many years of experience trading in the world’s financial and Forex markets. Their main objective is to achieve the highest level of profit on investment capital, and to change all your negative perceptions about calculated risk.

Our main goal as a company, overall, is to assist investors in achieving their financial freedom. We do this through a long term, high-yielding, and well-calculated investment program that is backed by trading in the Forex Market.

Therefore, with that said, it’s time that you stop working for money, and instead, let it work for you. So join us now, sit back, and enjoy the many benefits that come along with patronizing our services.


Forex trading, as many have come to discover, has more profit potential than investing in the stock market. The main reason for this is because of its low capital investment along with its flexibility and liquidity. This means that even small investors can afford to invest in the Forex Market and still be profitable.In the past, these same small investors could hardly dream of investing in such a huge market. In fact, the market was solely dominated by large multinational banks and other big financial institutions.

But now, individuals with little investment capacity and knowhow can compete freely with other investors in the same market. It simply boils down to being able to strike the right opportunity at the right time.

The opportunities in the Forex Market are ever growing! It is a live market which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And each day, over $8.1 trillion USD is traded in the market. All that is required is that a trader be focused and responsive to Forex economic events.

Forex trading can give anyone an equal opportunity to maximize profit regardless of the direction in which the Forex is moving. Therefore, it must be said that trading Forex is an opportunity that nobody should allow to pass them by.

More Tools, More Trades
Finally there’s a trading platform that has everything traders have been asking for. All in one convenient location. Duxa Capital has many trade types, unique trading tools and a huge range of assets. Duxa Capital also provides the most advanced charting for CFD traders to ensure trades are placed accurately. Now you can trade with ease and confidence.
Everything You Need
The Duxa Capital trading platform was created to address the real needs of the traders and to bring a much needed level of understanding and service to the rapidly growing CFD landscape. The Duxa Capital platform was set up by a group of professional experts of the financial and internet industries who want to deliver a simple yet powerful trading experience which redefines CFD trading. Discover exactly how we did it by taking a look around the site today. The Duxa Capital personnel includes experienced professionals in derivatives, Forex, risk management, compliance, payment processing, international law & legislation.
Trading Environment
At Duxa Capital we are committed to provide the most comprehensive, intuitive and secure trading environment where anyone from the most experienced trader, to a complete novice, can trade CFD’s in the simplest yet smartest way. The unique look and feel of the trading platform has been designed to be easy to use, while being powerful enough to give traders money management features found nowhere else online.
Responsive To Your Needs
The Duxa Capital team is here to help no matter what your needs are. One of our main targets is to provide a responsive and accurate support that delivers complete client satisfaction. We will endeavor to provide a response immediately. Client support is available through a comprehensive range of channels including live chat, email, Skype or phone.