Data Security | Duxa Capital
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Data Security

Encrypting Your Data for Protection

At Duxa Capital, we take the security of our traders seriously. We fully understand the seriousness of security matters in a digital world. We take all the possible measures to secure the information provided to us by our traders.
For your security, we have the highest encryption standards in place. As soon as you provide your information on our website, it gets encrypted. In its encrypted form, this information cannot be used by any third and unauthorized parties. Please read further in how many ways we secure you as a trader on our trading platform.

Anti-money Laundering Policy
First of all, we have a strict anti-money laundering policy to ensure that people join our trading platform for legal means only. Money laundering is the act of making money in a country and then exporting it to other countries illegally. Many politicians and big leaders in the world have become rich with this practice. However, we fully understand that the money laundered by these individuals does not belong to them. For this reason, we have a strong anti-money laundering policy on the website.
We do all that’s in our reach to prevent people from joining our platform for money laundering purposes. You will notice that there are some strict requirements that require you to present some personal information about yourself when signing up. This is to ensure that only the people who want to use the platform for legal purposes can join it.
Segregated Funds

One of the important things that you as a trader have to pay attention to is how your money is stored by your broker. If your broker is mixing your money with its money, you should stay away. You should only sign up with a broker who keeps your money in segregated accounts. Duxa Capital is serious about this matter as well. We understand the importance of your money and that’s why we have segregated accounts in place for all of our traders so their money is separately stored in their accounts. We never mix your money with ours because we know it is not ours.
Storing traders’ money in segregated accounts means that they are safe even if something wrong happens to the broker. If an audit results in shutting the company down, the money of the traders will still be safe. On the other hand, if this money has been mixed with the broker’s own money, there is no way to tell how to return the money to each individual. You can rest assured when you sign up with us that your money is going into accounts that are labeled as “Trader Funds”.

Identification Information

You will have to provide detailed information about yourself when you signing up on our website. We have this policy in place for your safety. When you provide ample information at the time of signup, we can recognize you. You will have to submit the scanned copies of your identification information. You will have to send in a scanned copy of your driver’s license, the passport or any other identification document that is a norm in your country. In addition to that, you will also have to present the copies of the utility bills of your home. Even in the case of credit and debit cards, you will have to send their pictures.
We have to make sure that you are the person who is providing the information. Getting a credit card number is not enough from someone. They could be someone with stolen information. On the other hand, when we ask our traders to deliver scanned copies of their credit cards, we make sure that they are in possession of the cards they have provided the information of on the website. We do it all to protect you from any identity frauds.

Sharing of Information with Third Parties

We are fully aware of the value and privacy of your data. The information you provide us on the website is just as important as the money you deposit in your account. In fact, your information is even more important than your money in this particular case. It is important for any online broker to take consent from the traders before sharing their information to the third parties for any type of marketing. We do not share your information with any third parties. Once you have provided your information to us, you can rest assured that even our employees do not have access to it.
If the information has to be passed on to any third parties, we make sure that you we take your consent. The recent implementation of GDPR entails online websites taking consent from their visitors to share their information with any third parties. You can have the peace of mind that we will not share your information with anyone unless we have obtained your consent.

Protecting Your Passwords

When you sign up with us, we highly encourage you to have a strong password for your login. You have to keep in mind that your online trading account is of great importance. You have money deposited in this account. More importantly, you have your banking details stored in this account. If someone gets access to this information, they can hurt you in many ways. In the first place, you can choose to have a difficult password for your login, which combines not just letters but numbers and symbols as well.
At the same time, we highly recommend that you change your password regularly in order to make it even more difficult for someone to guess your password. Here, it is important to realize that combining small and capital letters along with symbols, numbers, etc. makes your passwords difficult. However, you also want to keep changing the password because brute force from hackers can break even the most difficult passwords. It is not recommended for you to have your date of birth, phone number or someone in your family’s name as the password.