Deposit FAQs | Duxa Capital
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Deposit FAQs

Is there a minimum deposit that I must make to activate my account?

Duxa Capital makes things easy for you by allowing you to register on the website without depositing any funds. However, you will need to deposit a minimum of $250 in your account to be able to trade any assets. To keep it simple for our traders, this is the minimum amount regardless of the currency of deposit you choose.

Do I have to pay fees while withdrawing and depositing money?

We do not charge you any unnecessary commissions when you deposit money in your account or withdraw it. However, you might have to pay some fees depending on the deposit method you choose. Your bank might charge a fee on your credit card deposit or for a wire transfer. In a similar way, there might be a processing fee associated with your withdrawal from the payment service provider.

How can I make a deposit in my account?

Depositing funds in your account is easy. Once you have logged into your trading account with Duxa Capital, you can choose the “deposit” option. After clicking on the deposit button, you will have to pick one of the many secure payment methods. Choose the one you are most comfortable with, enter the amount, and you are good. Take a look at our table of deposit methods and their processing times to know how long it will take for your deposits to be successful.

Are you protecting my information, deposits, and withdrawals?

We adhere to the latest security and privacy standards of the industry to protect your information and money. Our website is secure through the latest SSL protocols and the most robust 256-bit encryption. This type of encryption secures your information against any undesired snooping, hacking, and stalking. At the same time, we put your funds in segregated accounts for your peace of mind. Last but not least, we take responsibility of the privacy of your information by not sharing it with any unauthorized parties without your consent.

Do you have segregated accounts for trader funds?

Of course, we pay attention to every detail that matters for the convenience of our traders. We do not mix your money with ours. Instead, all the accounts of our traders are labeled as “Trader Funds” with the bank to ensure your money always belongs to you only.

Can I pay from an account or credit card that’s not in my name?

For your security and the protection of our traders’ funds, we do not accept any money from a card or account that’s not in your name. You have to provide your accurate identification information at the time of signing up with one of our accounts. The name you provide on your identification is the name that has to appear on your account as well.

Do keep in mind that when you withdraw money from your account, we will only send it to the credit card or payment method that you chose at the time of deposit. We have strict anti-money laundering and anti-fraud policies in place for the protection of our traders.

Yes, you can use a join account but only when your name appears on it as one of the account titles. Therefore, you have to make sure that the account you are using for withdrawals is the same as the one you used for depositing funds in your account.

Credit Cards

We accept all the major Visa and MasterCard credit cards. We encourage you to use this method if you want your funds to be deposited in your account instantly. While the deposits are instant with a credit card, the withdrawal can take some processing time. The minimum amount that you have to deposit in your account using a credit card is $100.

Bank Wire Transfer

Bank wire transfers are one of the most secure methods of transferring funds into your trading account. However, they do take more time in processing typically. You have to make sure that the bank account you use for depositing and withdrawing funds is the same. The minimum amount that you can deposit in your account using bank wire transfer is $500.