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How it all started

It all started with bitcoin. Before the invention of this world’s first digital coin, people only knew about centralized currencies. Yes, the currencies that were controlled by and governed by governments and banks. Every transaction you made was stored into the government records with your name. At the same time, the success of your transactions depended on your bank’s consent. You can say that a bank had complete access to your money and any malicious activity within the bank could end you up with stolen money. Bitcoin brought the idea of a decentralized currency into the world – a currency that was not directly controlled by banks and governments.
The motive behind the invention of bitcoin was not really an international digital currency. The main idea was to create a currency for P2P platforms to share value among users. The idea was not only successful but it also proved to be the next internet. It turned out to be a currency that could change the way currency moved around the world. A new financial market was born and the mother of this market was bitcoin, after which many other currencies have come and many are still coming and becoming a part of this highly dynamic financial market.
You should keep in mind that not all the countries accepted cryptocurrencies as legal currencies. The government had their doubts and at one point, they all thought that it was just a fad or some way for hackers to attack the monetary system around the world. With the passage of time, these governments realized that cryptocurrencies had the potential to revolutionize the world more than smartphones did.
The volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market makes it a huge attraction for bold traders. At the same time, it opened doors for new traders to make a lot of money in less time. Of course, the associated risks with these trades are just as high. Take a look at a small description of each cryptocurrency and find out for yourself why you should invest in one of them.


Bitcoin – The Mother of All Cryptocurrencies
Of course, there should be no doubt in the minds of people about the fact that bitcoin is the mother of all other digital coins in the world. This is the first digital coin and a way for P2P networks to share value in the form of money without relying on centralized controllers like banks and governments. They could now rely on a system that was shared among all the users on that network. No one entity controlled this system. Instead, everyone on the system was the controller, which made no one a controller at the end of the day.
Bitcoin, being the first digital coins, is also the most valuable cryptocurrency produced to this day. It has a very limited supply and that’s why its value is extremely high with thousands of dollars making up for just one bitcoin on average. The price fluctuates a lot for this cryptocurrency. Within a day, you could see the price move by 20% or even more.
Ethereum – The Most Future-proof Digital Coin
It will not be wrong to call it the most future-proof cryptocurrency out there. There is a rift between the users of bitcoin and ethereum as each group likes to think that their cryptocurrency is better than the other. In some aspects, you could say that Ethereum is better because it is not just a cryptocurrency. Ethereum is, in addition to being a digital coin, also a platform for computing. You can create new cryptocurrencies based on the standards and protocols of this platform.
Developers looking to create new blockchain applications usually look at Ethereum platform first rather than getting into the complex coding of their application from scratch. Ethereum remains the second biggest and valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Despite experiencing fluctuations in its value, it usually remains quite expensive with its exchange value staying over $100 for each Ethereum token most of the times.
Now you know what these currencies are all about and how they hold the key to the future of the world. With Duxa Capital , you have the best opportunity to invest in your future.
Ripple – The Better Payment Solution
Some digital currencies are created with the sole purpose of changing how currency works around the world, and it will not be wrong to say that Ripple is one of them. The first thing that you have to know about Ripple is that it is not just a currency. Instead, it is a platform – a solution that has been designed to simplify the transfer of money from user to user and institution to institution. Its value is very low compared to bitcoin but the reason for that is the huge number of coins that are on the market. When talking about Ripple, you also have to keep RippleNet in mind i.e. a network consisting of many institutions that strive to provide smooth movement of money around every part of the world.
The symbol for Ripple token is XRP. You have to use this token to send and receive money on its network. The transactions costs on this network are so low you could nearly ignore them.
Dash – The Private Cryptocurrency
Decentralization is like a vow that every cryptocurrency has to take before coming on to the blockchain. However, not many are able to stay true to their purpose of creation. Dash definitely shows its owners what cryptocurrencies were meant for. Known as Xcoin at one point, Dash is much safer than most other cryptocurrencies out there with better privacy features.
Litecoin – The Lighter One
You can tell from the name what this particular cryptocurrency is all about. It is a bitcoin fork and hence it resembles the biggest crypto coin in a lot of ways. However, there are many differences and more importantly, it has some advantages to offer over the heavier bitcoin. The first difference that goes in the favor of the owners of litecoin is that they are able to send and receive the coins many times more quickly than they do bitcoin. They also pay less for every exchange.