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Withdrawal option

Can you give me some general information about how withdrawals work with Duxa Capital?

First of all, it is of utmost importance for Duxa Capital to take care of the funds you deposit in your account. For that reason, we maintain your funds in a separate account dedicated only for our traders just like you. At the same time, we bring you a variety of methods to deposit funds in your account. Some offer you a lot of security, some are known for being fast, and some offer both these qualities in the same place. You can pick the method that suits you the most. You can use wire transfers, credit and debit card deposits. to fund your online account with Duxa Capital.

The best thing is that you can pick from multiple options to deposit funds in your account. You have many different currencies that you can choose from to fund your account.

We do not restrict you with a particular time of withdrawal. You can withdraw money from your account when you wish to. However, you should make sure that you leave enough funds in your account to carry out more trades. Keep in mind that there has to be a minimum amount in your account for any trade. This is called the margin requirement. You cannot enter a trade if you don’t have the minimum margin in your account to enter a trade.

In addition to that, you also have to bear in mind that you use the same method and account information to withdraw funds from your account that you did for depositing. If you used your bank account information for a wire transfer, you have to make sure that you use the same bank information to withdraw funds. Similarly, you will have to use the same credit card information while receiving funds that you used to fund your account. It is for your security and to avoid any money launderers and frauds from using your personal information for the illegal acts.

What’s the method for a withdrawal?

If you know the deposit method, withdrawing should not be any difficult for you either. You have to sign in to your account to make a withdrawal. Once you have signed into your account, you will have to click on the account option. After selecting this option, you will have to choose the withdrawal option. You will use the same details for the withdrawal that you did for depositing the money. While the process is quite smooth and clean, you might still need the help of a representative at some points, and that’s why we have the available to help 24/5.

Will I have to pay commissions on my withdrawals?

Duxa Capital thinks of the best of its traders, and for that reason, you can make a withdrawal from your account without paying any fees or commissions once a month. You do, however, have to keep in mind that any additional withdrawals can attract different types of fees. Any second withdrawal from you within the same month will incur a small processing fee.

In addition to that, you have to keep in mind that the payment method you are choosing for the withdrawal can also have its own fees and commissions. For example, if you are making the withdrawal right into your bank account, you might have to check with your bank if there are any fees associated with that. A similar fee may be charged if you are using any other alternative method such as online payments.

You have to understand that these commissions and fees are charged by your bank and Duxa Capital has nothing to do with them. It is best that you do your research first and pick a method that costs you the minimum amount of money on your withdrawals.

How will withdrawals work with different payment systems?

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that any withdrawals made from your online trading account have to go into the same bank account that you used at the time of the deposit. If you used a credit card, the money will go to that credit card. If you used a wire transfer, the money will go to the bank account used for that.

Duxa Capital will never transfer money to a bank account that is not in your name. If you wish to provide the details of a joint account, make sure that your name is one of the joint account holding titles.

Here is how much time it will take for withdrawing money from your account through different methods.

Transfer Method Details Time for Withdrawal
Wire Transfer Transfer directly from bank Up to 10 business days
Debit or Credit Card MasterCard or Visa Up to 15 business days


Account verification is crucial for a smooth withdrawal request and processing.

Wire Transfer Withdrawal Details

You have to wait for at least 10 working days before the withdrawal is fully successful and the amount you had withdrawn is credited back to your account.

Credit Card Withdrawal Details

The amount you withdraw from your trading account to your credit card has to be exactly the same as the amount you deposited in your account using the same credit card. For example, if you had used your credit card to deposit $500 in your account, the exact $500 can be withdrawn by you back to your credit card. Let’s say you want to withdraw an additional amount. In that case, you will have to use a wire transfer for the additional amount. However, you can only withdraw the additional amount through wire transfer if it is equal to or more than $500.


The processing times given here are only estimates. The real withdrawal times depend on the method you use choose and the companies involved within the process. To keep it safe and provide you with the processing times that transfers typically take. You have to check with your bank for an exact estimate of how long it will take for the withdrawn amount to reflect on your bank account statement.